Thursday, May 21, 2009

strating now i'm.......

It's been.....

Well, too long. Since my last post there was more drama with the exfriend via his friends. Idunno how she got my number but I had to put an end to that also. I've began posting on the phenominal TUMBLR! You can find me here, and my joint tumblr here.

I've got a new job in the city which has drasticly cut down the time I've had to do much of anything else! Not cool, but I'm making the doughnuts as my cousin would say. I also took my second Printmaking course at Tyler, and had a great gallery showing at the end.

I went to bamboozle, had a gret/frustrating'll see my update on soon

I'm getting back into the swing of things! My writing has taken a hit but NO MORE!!!!!!!

For now, I commit to an update here at least once a week. Maybe. Yes. Ok!

If you're still following what I'm doing thanks! If you're new...WELCOME!!!!

It's nice to be back!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

and so it goes

so, i'm stressed out. really, REALLY stressed out. i've let go of a friendship which wasn't serving me...but in turn i feel guilty just because i have to let go. if that makes any sense at all. i've spent most of my paycheck over the past few days to get my mom, annd family gifts for christmas. so i now have $5 in my wallet, and under 30 in my account which a little over 100 when i got paid.

so, i'd really like it if my business took of in the new year. i've got the visual side (are being worked on), models (it's nice to have attractive friends), and a photographer (again talented friends are a plus). now it's up to me to build my inventory as the end of january gets closer. i say the end of january because that's when Rue closes.

on the job front...well... still looking, and i can use next week (of which 5 hrs will be spent at "work") to continue that search.

i am not pleased, but the assignment given at church said "let life happen"

and so.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

negativity misson?!

this past week was OK.

TheWife and I went to a movie mid week and that was a good time.

i overdrew my account paying for the drinks after, that was not good.

here, is where it blows up:

worked Saturday which wasn't bad at all, and then went to a (now former) friends birthday party.

the party was good for a while, until he and i were jokingly arguing and he called me a cunt. no one laughed.

he claims to have had deep feelings for me for a while, again i always thought the way to get the girl is to flatter her.....
not to humiliate her in a room of strangers, and say it with a smile too!

we stayed too long and he cornered me repeatedly trying to get me to change my mind about why i won't date him. i tried to tell him that bringing this up while either of us(he normallywaits until i have a drink in me) have had a drink is not OK! i guess he took that as his cue to continually put his hhands onn me evenn after i told him 1,000 times to stop.

the next night i went over to TheWife's and we watched In the Land of Women and one of the scenes ripped my heart out and i couldn't hold it in and started to cry uncontrollably.

anytime someone tried to ask me if i was OK I'd fall apart again, so i left the room for a while and just sat in her room, she came in later and wiped my face off and told me to let go.

so i did. i wrote him last night, and sent him a txt. he wrote back, no apology at all. just blaming his drinking, and saying he understands that i need time and that i can call him when I'm ready. wtf?!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

i think we have an emergency...

the boutique that sells my line is closing within the month

i've overdrawn both accounts

my go to person for graphic design and web inquries is no longer interested in graphic design and or website building

i've already spent my budget for the week

it's 5 am and i really wish i had someone to curl up with just to fall asleep.

and so it goes

Saturday, December 06, 2008


my clothing line is called D.Mae.
i hand paint tees totes and hoodies.
i originally started doing these as gifts for friends, and people started to get interested in what i do.
now a few pieces are in a boutique called Rue Couture, you can find both my line and Rue on Myspace. Rue being in my top friends.
you can view my line at the link above.

if you’d like to place an order please message me: with the subject “place an order”

ladies: classic cut white ONLY: $35 + shipping

gents: V neck OR classic cut white ONLY:$35 + shipping


ladies: ZIP UP in grey or white ONLY: $ 55+ shipping

gents: PULL OVER in white or ash ONLY:$55 shipping

please keep in mind that the tees are painted on American Apparel tees, which run small.
gentlemen, if you are ordering in a ladies size to get a snug fit, you will need to go one or two sizes up from your normal size.

if the options provided for shirts or hoodies aren’t your style,and you’d like to buy your own. message me at the email provided above and we can work something out

Thursday, December 04, 2008


my positivity mission has hit a snag! urgh! i'm in need of a bit of inspiration, and idunno where to look.

advice please.

go listen

listen to my galfriend's podcast! it's chock full o goodness i swear!!